Friday, January 8, 2010

DeathFace vs. Death Bear

It seems that the only times I really blog are during Mercury Retrograde. Here we are again, in 2010, after both a full blue moon and the transition of a new year beginning under the guise of Mercury's arresting position. I started this new year being somewhere I didn't really want to be, passed out on the floor against a bar stool. So not a good look. Well, I'm highly adaptable. And if this year has a few more punches to throw my way, bring it on. I am ready to light this pyre and burn everything in existence in exchange for a new reality. Unmitigated truth. It seems that the rainbow has turned black, and I have succumbed to this new darkness with new, invigorating fervor. Yes, let's do this. Death Bear is coming tomorrow to take all of my rancid memories of HH away. I hope he stays for a while.

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