Sunday, January 10, 2010

Death Bear comes to my door

Hello, Death Bear.
Welcome to my home. Watch out for that chandelier above your head. Wow, you're at least 7' tall. Do your hands get cold? They're quite beautiful hands for a bear.
So when you take these mementos which trigger sadness and heartbreak for others back to your cave, does your cave absorb the energy of these objects?
Death Bear says, "The energy is neutralized. I am a walking black hole."
A public service for the broken-hearted.

Aptly, I felt like some small weight had been lifted when I surrendered some benign objects to his duffel bag. HH doesn't really weigh on my heart so much anymore. The one who does weigh on my heart, I had no benign objects with which to surrender. So be it. It's all symbolic anyway. But I do find myself giving in to these trifles of effort on my emotional release. Much thanks to my friend Dean who scheduled this bizarrely fantastic encounter.

The weather is frigid and has taken over my heart. I cannot feel love the way I used to anymore.

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