Tuesday, April 20, 2010

can I be a bitch just this once?

Wisdom: hello

Me: hi

Wisdom: i love your photos

Me: thanks

Wisdom: i would love to meet you personally

Me: :):)

Wisdom: i really want
is there any event you will join in or party something, i would love to join in there, too...

Me: who are you?

Wisdom: i am an artist, i mean my second degree was in fine arts..
but i do journalism full time now..
at the United Nations...

Me: why do you have no photos of yourself?

Wisdom: but I LOVE ARTS

Me: yes i gathered that

Wisdom: fashion and show biz, too...

Me: did you see that i asked you a question?

Wisdom: yes, i can send you one of my photos..

Me: that's not what i asked you

Wisdom: this is only art and fun
i would like to put some of my early works..
i am not a handsome to put my photo here, but i can put my some works...

Me: you are foreign?

Wisdom: as much as you are? i don't feel i am a foreigner

Me: i guess your grammar threw me off

Wisdom: but i have an foreign origin as many Americans..
yes my grammar as just did...
an foreign.. there is not such a word.. bluh bluh.. if you are drunk you may do same..

Me: are you drunk?

Wisdom: anyway I LOVE YOUR FUN SIDE..
little bit
i really want to participate any of your fun events.

Me: are you a fan of SHE-DICK's page?

Wisdom: YES

Me: well then you will be notified :):)

Wisdom: NICE
but can we meet and be friend?

Me: no..

Wisdom: NOOOOO

Me: i'm isolating myself these days

Wisdom: WHY?

Me: growing pains

Wisdom: NO PLEASE!
NO, NO... not that much
no pain thing

Me: i can barely understand you

Wisdom: i don't like pain things
no pain, but fun and joy..

Me: right.
no, we can't meet.
i'm isolating myself these days and am very selective with whom i give my time to.

Wisdom: why? please

Me: and i'm experiencing growing pains so i'm not seeking fun or joy or happiness right now


Me: great


Me: why have you switched to all caps, like you're yelling?

Wisdom: sorry
but when my feeling up
i did it

Me: right. so that's why i'm not going to meet you and be your friend
plus, i'm not sure if you're aware of this, but i'm a stickler for correct grammar

Wisdom: nice

Me: so it's instantly repelling for me to come in contact with someone who has poor grammar

Wisdom: i like that

Me: i'm glad you like it

Wisdom: i like all nice thing
i liked it because you were right
i like all positive thing
can i invite you to a launch in manhattan
be my guest

Me: you can invite me, but i won't go.
you are not even paying attention to the things i'm writing to you.

Wisdom: or drink or dinner?

Me: nope
wow, desperate much?

Wisdom: because your sweetness, it is maybe not just your sweetness it is also you style and ambience

Me: i'm not being very sweet to you

Wisdom: friends and all thing with you..

Me: but you're not really noticing anything i write
i have a penis

Wisdom: your art perpective, too..

Me: and it's 9 inches long
and black
with two eyes
and teeth

Wisdom: :):)
it is ok to be a friend
i know your show from your page and your friends page, seems exciting!

Me: i also lay eggs

Wisdom: come on..

Me: each one hatches a different creature
they are all children of the moon

Wisdom: nice!

Me: some have tails, some have beaks

Wisdom: great!

Me: one thing in common is that they all have a tiny pearl at the base of their spine

Wisdom: haha

Me: and they're quite the coveted jewel, people try to buy my babies before hey hatch

Wisdom: you are great!

Me: extract the pearl from the egg
because once the eggs hatch, you have to de-bone the baby to get the pearl
and that's murder

Wisdom: wow for all your words..

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Uncommon Grief

Death is a transition from one vibration to another. Like switching the setting of your box fan from low to high. Matter simply changes states.

Reacting to death is not always so cut and dry. The common response is sadness, sympathy. I would most definitely feel a sense of incalculable loss if my mother died, which one day she will. For years, I have been collecting hand-written notes from her. They are fewer and farther between now, but I keep them saved up, many unread, so that I have a trigger for the waterworks if need be. Yes, I fear that I may not cry if my mother dies. I fear that numbness will overtake me and I just might step down to the third rail and give it a kiss.