Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

It feels like I've been walking around the rings of Saturn, pensively plotting on how to transport myself onto the planet itself, unaware of the magic below my feet. I am walking on a magnetic belt of ice rocks which are held together by the orbital resonance of its moons. Forces unseen but felt by everything around me, undeniable in their existence but for my oblivion, unappreciated.

Thanksgiving this year was different. I spent time with my very close friends, my chosen family. I could actually care less about the consumer holiday in its traditions, but the concept of Thanksgiving is one I cherish regardless of whether its a customary practice or not. Be with the ones you love. Love the ones you are with.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Killing of Ineffectual Practices Part 2

I went to Phoenicia to be reborn. A yoga retreat on the Catskill Mountains cleaned me out of about 8 billion pounds of baggage. The entire time was spent in silence as we fasted with The Master Cleanse, yoga, nature, and hot, hot heat. Salvador was the master of ceremony for the sweat lodge. He and his hippiedudes built a ceremonial sweat lodge out of sticks with an altar facing west. He asked the stones we were using to heat the lodge to also heal us. Then he poured water on them and we all sweat out our demons. Some people cried. I was in a trance state that could've lasted for days. Emerging from the pitch black darkness of the lodge, I felt lighter and purer.

Possession is a lovely demon of mine. She wants everything for herself, and will covet until she gets it. She obsesses, she has mood swings if her expectations are not met. She is the only child, the material wonder.

We had a full moon ritual at our house, in the light of the circle. Once again, released my lovely demon into the fire, eager for the rebirth.