Wednesday, September 24, 2008



I love having friends. They each have a unique story and you become a part of it for a little while, or longer. Beautiful people in my life.

Friday, September 12, 2008



I was chillin' on the couch this afternoon when I hear thundering steps coming down the stairs outside our apartment door. JUST GET OUT!!! someone shouted.   *gasp*

Dan Paul and I go to my bedroom window, which faces out onto the street. I open it just enough to ask someone standing outside, what's going on?


I grabbed Bebe and put on some unmatching pair of shoes, and go out into the grey drizzle with Dan Paul, Gabe, Jeff and our neighbor, a videographer. 

Everything's alright now.

the girls' first night out in the big apple

Yesterday was 9-11. It's like a full moon intensified by the people standing on it. Whacko energy everywhere, causing men to don wigs and lipstick and become glamorous women. 

Mr. Black, LOOKOUT!

The Dallas Observer

Shot by Morrey Taylor  |  Make-up and styling by Jacknife Ruby

neu shooz maik mi happeeeeee! part 2

new adventures

Napping with Bebe
The U.S. Open..
Singing on the new She-Dick song, Galactic Tranny
Life is good, life is real good..

My Hood

Friday, September 5, 2008

A New Home

This is it!

my room:

dan paul and brett's room:

the studio:

Jeff's room:

It's a diamond in the rough.
A sonic sanctuary. A dream come true.
A place to rest my heart. Finally.