Saturday, May 12, 2012

Chariots of Riots

You were in my dream last night. We'd gone flying and were back, with several others, hanging out in a room full of tools and machine parts. Things got awkward as you put your arms around both me and a brown haired girl, and you said "Two girls I've fucked"
I thought " No way. That never happened"
But then a flashback to my college dorm room, on the floor, on my back, next to the built-in dresser, and you between my legs, still wearing black your SEPULTURA t-shirt.

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Anonymous said...

Call him or email him to let him know how you feel. He may be reluctant to reach out to you for fear of rejection. You obviously feel for him if one of the tags you're using for this post is "heartbreak." Maybe he's feeling the same way about you and is hoping you'll do something to break the logjam. You have nothing to lose. Just a thought.