Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fast Forward

When I said I was ready to start going forward again, I didn't really mean fast forward. But I got it anyway because you always have to be careful what you ask for. Here's a visual recap of last month..

This kid got shot and killed right down the block from where I live. I mean like 30 feet away from my window. Apparently our street is the boundary between the Puerto Ricans and Blacks. Fierce rivals? This all happened right before the Puerto Rican Parade..

The highlight of my month was pulling two fantastic shows with SHE-DICK for Joan Rivers at the Gramercy Theater.

Brett and I backup danced for Don PV at Santos Party House

SHE-DICK also did some backup singing for Jasper James at the Nokia Theater

So all in all, it was a very productive month. All three of us were feeling so worn out. We need a spa retreat!
We've also started planning our reality show/tour/concept for BETTER THAN GAY, which is just a collective of artists and performers who are all encompassing when it comes to the queer culture.

Recently, stumbled across a treasure chest of a thrift store called Dominick's. It has since moved into a much nicer space down the street, and with it, a crew of old-school New Yorkers who have been making things happen for a long time. Leslie is one of such fine humans, and his partners Andy and Charlie. Such characters. There is talk of a SuperConscious coffee shop and a production crew for a SuperConscious movement soon.


Krist McG said...

When did we get hipster drag queens? Is no counter culture safe from their feathers and fringe? For shame...

Sean McGinty said...

You ladies and gents are lookn good!