Monday, July 20, 2009


Drag King part 2

I decided try out another male character on our bi-monthly at Sugarland. This party was the Geriatric Jamboree. Being Mr. Wei Na Hung (aka Confucion) was actually much more difficult than I anticipated. I mean I had a ton of fun without really having to exert any unnatural effort, but my voice didn't match my character no matter how I played him. Finally, at Old Candi's suggestion, I just went with my southern hick twangy voice. It was very confusing. I had a cane and walked very slowly because I had just turned 200 years old. But I did love feeling up on those old white ladies. They didn't seem to mind at all. I mean, after all, I was 200 years old!

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Sarah Jane said...

god damn it, you're funny lady. I love you.