Tuesday, April 20, 2010

can I be a bitch just this once?

Wisdom: hello

Me: hi

Wisdom: i love your photos

Me: thanks

Wisdom: i would love to meet you personally

Me: :):)

Wisdom: i really want
is there any event you will join in or party something, i would love to join in there, too...

Me: who are you?

Wisdom: i am an artist, i mean my second degree was in fine arts..
but i do journalism full time now..
at the United Nations...

Me: why do you have no photos of yourself?

Wisdom: but I LOVE ARTS

Me: yes i gathered that

Wisdom: fashion and show biz, too...

Me: did you see that i asked you a question?

Wisdom: yes, i can send you one of my photos..

Me: that's not what i asked you

Wisdom: this is only art and fun
i would like to put some of my early works..
i am not a handsome to put my photo here, but i can put my some works...

Me: you are foreign?

Wisdom: as much as you are? i don't feel i am a foreigner

Me: i guess your grammar threw me off

Wisdom: but i have an foreign origin as many Americans..
yes my grammar as just did...
an foreign.. there is not such a word.. bluh bluh.. if you are drunk you may do same..

Me: are you drunk?

Wisdom: anyway I LOVE YOUR FUN SIDE..
little bit
i really want to participate any of your fun events.

Me: are you a fan of SHE-DICK's page?

Wisdom: YES

Me: well then you will be notified :):)

Wisdom: NICE
but can we meet and be friend?

Me: no..

Wisdom: NOOOOO

Me: i'm isolating myself these days

Wisdom: WHY?

Me: growing pains

Wisdom: NO PLEASE!
NO, NO... not that much
no pain thing

Me: i can barely understand you

Wisdom: i don't like pain things
no pain, but fun and joy..

Me: right.
no, we can't meet.
i'm isolating myself these days and am very selective with whom i give my time to.

Wisdom: why? please

Me: and i'm experiencing growing pains so i'm not seeking fun or joy or happiness right now


Me: great


Me: why have you switched to all caps, like you're yelling?

Wisdom: sorry
but when my feeling up
i did it

Me: right. so that's why i'm not going to meet you and be your friend
plus, i'm not sure if you're aware of this, but i'm a stickler for correct grammar

Wisdom: nice

Me: so it's instantly repelling for me to come in contact with someone who has poor grammar

Wisdom: i like that

Me: i'm glad you like it

Wisdom: i like all nice thing
i liked it because you were right
i like all positive thing
can i invite you to a launch in manhattan
be my guest

Me: you can invite me, but i won't go.
you are not even paying attention to the things i'm writing to you.

Wisdom: or drink or dinner?

Me: nope
wow, desperate much?

Wisdom: because your sweetness, it is maybe not just your sweetness it is also you style and ambience

Me: i'm not being very sweet to you

Wisdom: friends and all thing with you..

Me: but you're not really noticing anything i write
i have a penis

Wisdom: your art perpective, too..

Me: and it's 9 inches long
and black
with two eyes
and teeth

Wisdom: :):)
it is ok to be a friend
i know your show from your page and your friends page, seems exciting!

Me: i also lay eggs

Wisdom: come on..

Me: each one hatches a different creature
they are all children of the moon

Wisdom: nice!

Me: some have tails, some have beaks

Wisdom: great!

Me: one thing in common is that they all have a tiny pearl at the base of their spine

Wisdom: haha

Me: and they're quite the coveted jewel, people try to buy my babies before hey hatch

Wisdom: you are great!

Me: extract the pearl from the egg
because once the eggs hatch, you have to de-bone the baby to get the pearl
and that's murder

Wisdom: wow for all your words..


Sasha said...

This was hilarious!!!

hepkatmama said...

lol. i freaking love u girl. sometimes we have to keep the fans at a safe distance. i think about 9" away from the teeth of your angry pseudo-penis may not be far enough. we may need bodyguards... on motorcycles, in sunglasses. yes indeed.